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Changes to Best Western Rewards®

To provide a better, more rewarding service to our valued guests, Best Western Rewards® is undergoing some exciting new changes which will take place from 1 January 2016.

  • No Expiration of Points. Best Western Rewards® points will no longer expire, so you can use them whenever you want.
  • Earning Points. You’ll now be able to earn points on nearly all reservations*, without restrictions.
  • Redemptions Made Simple. When booking and using free night awards, you will have more room options to choose from. There will also be exciting new redemption options to choose from.
  • Elite Membership Levels. You could achieve elite status faster with new exclusive elite levels. As an elite member, you get valuable perks, like bonuses, recognition, upgraded rooms, welcome gifts and exclusive offers.
  • Don’t Miss Out. By maintaining up-to-date contact information including a valid email address that is subscribed you’ll receive your monthly e-statements, which is your gateway to relevant news items, program updates and exclusive offers.

With more than 4,000 locations in more than 100 countries – no matter how often you stay at a Best Western hotel, you’re sure to receive something extra as a member of Best Western Rewards®.

* Earned on full and eligible rates only; not earned on promotional, wholesale, last-minute rates, or bookings made on third party and online travel agency sites.



1.  When do the program changes take effect?
The new Best Western Rewards program begins 1 January 2016.

2.  Why are you making these changes?
Best Western Rewards is widely acknowledged as one of the premier loyalty programs within the travel industry.  These changes reflect a continued commitment to provide our members with superior customer care.

3.  I haven’t had activity recently. Will my points expire?
Under the current program, points expire after 12 months of inactivity.  After 1 January 2016, points will no longer expire.  If you haven’t had account activity recently, be sure to log in to your account and check the date of your last transaction to make sure you won’t lose your points before the new rule takes effect.

4.  Will it become easier to earn points in the new program?
Absolutely. Many rate plans do not earn points today.  While some reservations will continue to be ineligible for points, the overwhelming majority of reservations will be eligible to earn points.

5.  What are the benefits of the new Gold and Diamond Select elite levels?
Gold elite members will receive a bonus of 10%. Diamond Select members will receive a bonus of 50%, in addition to other exclusive benefits. Your activity after 1 January 2016 will count toward qualification in these new elite levels.

6.  Will the number of points required for free night redemption increase?
Today, the number of points required for a free night at a given hotel is typically the same year-round.  After 1 January, point levels will be adjusted to vary by month.  While certain hotels may require more points at certain times of the year, the overall number of points required for redemption is expected to decrease. To view hotel-specific point level requirements, please select ‘Best Western Rewards points’ from the special rates drop-down box on www.bestwestern.com/rewards

7.  Will the number of rooms available for free night redemption increase?
Absolutely—as part of these changes, every Best Western branded hotel will make a certain portion of its rooms available for free night redemption. In addition, free nights will no longer be subject to blackout dates.

8.  What else besides free nights will I be able to get with my points?
In addition to free night vouchers, Best Western Travel Cards, and airline miles and a number of gift cards will be offered under the new program.

9.  How do I review and update my account information?
To view your account information, please log on to www.bestwestern.com/rewards. If you need assistance logging in, please call 1800 222 422.

10. What if I no longer wish to participate in the program?
If you would like to discontinue your membership in the Best Western Rewards program, please call 1800 222 422.

11. Will I be receiving a new membership card?
If you met the qualifications for elite status in 2015 (10 or more night OR 10,000 or more points), you will receive new membership credentials. Alternatively, if you did not meet the criteria for elite status, you may request that a card be sent to you by logging in to www.bestwestern.com/rewards or calling 1800 222 422. Your account number will not be changing.


View the current Program Terms and Conditions here >
View our new terms and conditions, effective 1 January, 2015 here >


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Best Western Rewards – Terms & Conditions

December 2015

NB: These program Terms and Conditions are valid until 31 December, 2015 and are subject to change.
New Best Western Rewards program Terms and Conditions will take effect 1 January, 2016. A copy of the new terms and conditions can be found here >

These are the terms and conditions of the Best Western Rewards® program operating in the Australasia region. They supersede any previous program terms and conditions. Best Western Rewards® consists of three tiers determined by the number of nights spent at any Best Western property per calendar year. New members start on the Gold tier and are assessed each year. In order to maintain elite status or progress through the tiers the minimum room nights must be achieved each calendar year. Certain offers, options to earn points and miles, promotions and terms and conditions are applicable to specific countries and their corresponding Best Western Rewards® club.

Application and Disqualification
The program is open to any individual or company with a residential address in Australia, New Zealand or Fiji who applies for and is granted a Best Western Rewards® card. To apply for a program card, individuals or the company must provide Best Western with the required information, including a valid email address. Acceptance of any application for participation in the program is at the sole discretion of Best Western. Best Western reserves the right to disqualify any participant from further participation and to void issued points in the program if, in Best Western’s opinion, that participant has in any way failed to abide by these terms and conditions.

Tax Liability
Any tax liability arising out of participation in this program is the responsibility of the participant.

Points Accumulation
Points can only be earned by presenting the Best Western Rewards® card at check-in/out or by including your Best Western Rewards® number in your direct booking (Auto-points) when staying or spending at any participating Best Western property worldwide. These points will appear on the participant’s account within 21 working days. Bonus, promotion and special offer points are subject to promotional terms and conditions, which may differ from conditions outlined in this document.

Points are:

  • Earned on full and eligible rates only; not earned on promotional, wholesale, last-minute rates, or bookings made on third party and online travel agency sites.
  • Not earned for Free Room Nights, but can be earned on incidental expenses on those nights or additional paid nights.
  • In Australasia, earned on total expenditure.
  • Outside Australasia, are generally earned on room charge only.
  • Earned at the rate of 10 standard points for each US dollar of eligible expenditure.
  • Converted automatically and based on US dollars. (Exchange rate may fluctuate).
  • Not earned on function or group expenses, only participant’s individual expenses.
  • Not transferable from one individual account to another.
  • Members are eligible to receive points for up to 3 rooms when staying at Best Western brand lodging establishments. Members may receive points for all rooms (up to 3) reserved under the Member’s name provided the following: (1) one room is occupied by the member, (2) all rooms are paid for by the member, (3) points for that room have not been issued to another member and (4) the Member has presented the Card or number at the time of check-in.
  • Not earned on stays over 30 nights.

Points will expire 12 months from the date of stay if there has been no additional account activity during the following 12 months. Expired points will automatically be deducted from the participant’s account. All points are subject to audit and adjustment to remedy error. Participants will not receive written notice of any points due to expire. Access your account details at www.bestwestern.com or through the Best Western Rewards® Customer Service Centre. Point accumulation commences from the date of enrolling into the Best Western Rewards® program.

Participation in other Rewards Programs
Participants may only participate in one loyalty program per stay.

Participants cannot present other loyalty cards during their stay and claim points on both or multiple programs.

Points e-statement and e-newsletters
Active participants (defined as those who have collected and/or redeemed points in the last 12 months) will be sent a monthly e-statement stating points collected and/or relevant offers from Best Western. All cardholders, whether inactive or active, may, from time to time, receive an e-statement. To ensure you receive your e-statement, update your profile details with a valid email address online at www.bestwesternrewards.com. All point queries are assessed at the Best Western Rewards® Australasia club’s discretion. Queries about points older than six months from the date of stay will not be awarded.

Accessing your account online
When accessing your Best Western Rewards® profile (My Account) you will be diverted to the Best Western website in the United States. Certain offers, promotions, and terms & conditions are only applicable to North American Best Western Rewards® members. To view the offers, promotions and terms and conditions for Best Western Rewards® Australasia members, please visit www.bestwestern.com.au or www.bestwestern.co.nz.

Claiming Your Points
If a participant believes he or she has not received point credit, they should contact the Best Western Rewards Customer Service Centre. Requests must be received by Best Western within six months from the date of activity. For new participants, credit will be accepted for any qualifying Best Western Rewards® stay occurring within 30 days prior to enrolment in the program. Written requests should include the participant’s name, Best Western Rewards® account number, address and daytime telephone number and/or e-mail address. Failure to supply the adequate and unaltered documentation may result in denial of such point credit. For the participant’s protection, all hotel travel documentation should be retained by the participant until the point credit has appeared on his or her Best Western Rewards® statement.

Claiming Your Miles
Please view all miles terms and conditions on our international website: Select “Airline Rewards” at http://www.bestwestern.com/rewards/benefits/terms.asp

Provided the minimum point levels have been reached; points can be redeemed online by accessing your profile, or through our Best Western Rewards® Customer Service Centre. Partial claims will not be entertained. Company pooled accounts will only be able to redeem points for accommodation products through their nominated authorised user.

Best Western Rewards® cardholders who reside in New Zealand can only redeem for items listed on www.bestwestern.co.nz. Australian residents can only redeem for items listed on www.bestwestern.com.au and Fijian residents on www.bestwestern.com.fj. For products and gift cards, please allow up to 28 days for delivery.

Free Room Nights
Best Western Free Room Nights and Global Free Room Night Vouchers (collectively ‘Free Room Nights’) are valid for single or double occupancy and entitle the bearer to one (1) room night free accommodation. To book a Free Room Night you must have the required amount of points to cover the stay. Best Western hotels vary in the number of points required for a Free Room Night. Free Room Nights are subject to availability and early booking is recommended. Best Western will not be responsible for accommodation arrangements when a Best Western property is unavailable or in a location where a Best Western property does not exist. Free Room Night point levels range from 8,000 points to 36,000, worldwide. For a Free Room Night in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji you require a minimum 16,000 Best Western Rewards® points. Points will be redeemed at check-in, otherwise full rates may apply.

Global Free Night Vouchers that have been redeemed/printed prior to check-in are valid at any Best Western that accepts the point value printed on the voucher. Global Free Night Vouchers are valid for six months from the date of issue and cannot be re-issued if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed.

Extra charges will apply for additional persons in a room, payable direct to the property. Surcharges apply for properties in a higher point category. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash, in part or whole and no change will be given. Please allow 28 days for processing and delivery of accommodation vouchers.

  • Points required for Australia, New Zealand & Fiji – 16,000, 20,000, 24,000, 28,000, 32,000 and 36,000
  • Surcharges apply for hotels in a higher point category: Australia – $20AUD; New Zealand – $25NZD; Fiji – $45FJD.

To view the number of points required for a Free Room Night, or to book, go to www.bestwestern.com and select the `Best Western Rewards® points’ rate plan.

Program Alterations
Best Western may suspend or terminate the program at any time without notice. Upon termination of the program, unclaimed points will be cancelled. Best Western reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time in its absolute discretion, including altering the:

  • Number of points earned on each dollar spent;
  • Number of points required for redemption items;
  • Number of points required for a Free Room Night, including variation of points for reward categories;
  • Validity of Global Free Room Night Vouchers;
  • Validity of points;
  • Frequency of statements;
  • Participating countries; and
  • Associated benefits.

Participants will be notified of changes to the program. Notice is deemed to have been given by Best Western when sent to the email address supplied by the participant at the time of enrolment for the program. Best Western accepts no responsibility for lost notifications if an email address is incorrect, not supplied or marked with ‘do not email’. Participation in the program after notification of any changes to the program implies acceptance of those changes by the participant.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Best Western makes no warranties or representations, either expressed or implied, and expressly disclaims any or all liability (including consequential damages) with respect to type, quality or fitness of goods and services provided through the program. To the extent that Best Western may be liable for goods and services provided through the program, its liability is limited to:

  • The replacement or repair of the goods or the cost of replacing the goods or acquiring equivalent goods; or
  • The re-supply of equivalent services or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

Any enquiries, including those relating to current point balances, should be directed to the Best Western Rewards Customer Service Centre or email rewards@bestwestern.com.au or call 1800 222 422 (from Australia) or 0800 700 499 (from New Zealand).

Discount on car hire
Budget – 2.5%* | Avis – 5%

*Not available in New Zealand/Fiji

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