Explore Napier New Zealand

Just 20 minutes out of Hastings, Napier is one of New Zealand’s most attractive cities. It can be found at the south of the Hawkes Bay.

About Napier

Napier is a unique city, admired by tourists. Featuring a comprehensive offering of 1930s Art Deco architecture comparable to that of Miami’s, Napier has become a highly photographed attraction and event hub. In 1931, most of Napier was levelled by an earthquake. The city was given the opportunity to rebuild, favouring an Art Deco style popular at the time. Now it is one of the purest Art Deco cities in the world.

Things to do in Napier

There are a multitude of things to do in Napier. If architecture and photography are right up your street, take the walking trail along the city streets of Napier taking in the zig zags, speed lines and fountains, not to mention the interesting melding of Maori art into the Art Deco. This can be enjoyed either by guided tour or on a self-guided walk.

Napier is home to many established wineries and vineyards and is considered a wine hub in New Zealand. Hawkes Bay is the oldest wine region in New Zealand and the main producer of full bodied-red wine in the country. The region is an important producer of grapes and other exports such as sheep’s wool, frozen meat, wood pulp and timber. Feast your taste buds with a food and wine tour around Hawkes bay, guided by a local expert. Tours can be organised on an individual basis or in groups and can be enjoyed by bike ride, car, or if you’re feeling particularly extravagant, by helicopter!

Napier Attractions

The MTG Napier is one of the most popular Napier attractions and not to be missed. The MTG encompasses three buildings with distinct character – a modernist gem, an art deco masterpiece and a light-filled gallery with spectacular views of Hawkes Bay. The collections types span from art to history to Taonga Maori and technology. The stories of New Zealand are exhibited with such style and assurance, including the story of the 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake. Aside from the significant collections of objects and art, there is also a lively programme of performing arts and film to keep you entertained throughout your exploration.

Visit Napier

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